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Fixed Appliances:



Nance Button  


This straight armed holding appliance stabilizes the arch and prevents mesial movement of the molars.  The Nance may also be designed with recurved arms to allow for minor molar expansion or rotation.
Arch Length Maintainer (ALM)
(Lower Lingual Holding Arch)
(Bi-lateral Space Maintainer)

Arch length maintainer 


0.036" wire is contoured to the lingual's of the teeth and soldered to bands on the first molars.  This appliance may also incorporate adjustment loops in the bicuspid area and soldered spurs to hold spaces or hooks for use with elastics.


Trans Palatal Arch / Bar (TPA)


The Traans Palatal Arch is formed with an 0.036" or 0.040" wire that is soldered to the molar bands and bent with a center loop to allow slight molar adjustments.  The Trans Palatal Bar is formed from a heavy ovoid bar without any adjustment ability.
Band and Loop Space Maintainer
(Uni-lateral Space Maintainer)

Band & Loop Space Maintainer 

An 0.036" wire loop soldered to a band prevents tooth movement and maintains space for unerupted teeth.  May also incorporate small adjustment loops and occlusal rests

Active Loop Space Regainer


A finger spring soldered to the band is activated by an adjustment loop.

Jackscrew Space Regainer


Uses an open coil spring and screw hardware to apply consistent pressure by activating compression lugs.

Open Coil Space Regainer

open coil space regainer


Uses an open coil spring to apply consistent pressure.  when desired space is obtained the arms are bent against the tubes to stop further advancement.  If more tension is required shims may be added.

IPC Space Regainer


Inman Power Component Uses an open coil spring over ratcheting arm to apply consistent pressure. © 2006 HomeAppliancesColors & EffectsPoliciesForms DeliveryContact

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