FOX VALLEY  Orthodontic Laboratory

Habit Appliances:


Tongue Crib Habit

tongue crib 


A vertical crib blocks the tongue from anterior dentition and acts as a reminder for thumb and finger sucking habits.  Our standard design has no sharp edges, a rake or spikes may be incorporated if necessary.

Thumb Crib Habit

thumb sucking habit breaker


There is no vertical component in this design, a wire dome covers the rugae area to serve as a reminder to discourage thumb and finger sucking.


Bluegrass Roller Habit


The Bluegrass uses a roller placed in the palate to counter condition oral habits and retrain the tongue into a new position or replace the desire to suck the thumb.

Removable Habits


Habit appliances may be made into a removable acrylic plate or incorporated into many different appliances © 2006 HomeAppliancesColors & EffectsPoliciesForms DeliveryContact

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