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Rapid Palatal Expanders:

Fixed palatal suture appliances commonly known as RPE's or PSA's are designed for fast and efficient expansion.  While most expansion appliances are designed to slowly move teeth these appliances work by breaking the median suture.  After insertion the screw can be activated from 1-4 times daily, within a few days the suture is broken & then the two halves of the maxilla can be separated to the desired position with little resistance.  The appliance remains in position until the bone has had a chance to fill the gap between the two halves of the maxilla. 

A major benefit of this method of expansion is with quick application of force the suture breaks & the pressure is released before the teeth have time to move within the alveolar ridge or any tissue is damaged beyond recovery.

Maxillary expanders are typically fabricated with a four arm 12 mm screw.  Other expansion screws are available upon request including various sizes and 2 arm mini screws with or without positive ratcheting mechanisms to prevent unwanted back-up.  All expanders come with basic activation key: Deluxe keys, expansion charts & rulers are available upon request.  Auxiliary options such as face mask hooks, tubes & habit cribs can also be added to these appliances.

Hyrax banded RPE 

Banded RPE shown with optional rests

This all metal hygienic appliance is typically fabricated with bands on the first molars and lingual bars extending to the first bicuspid.  May also be fabricated in a four-band version.


Similar to the Hyrax with the exception of how it attaches to the teeth.  Fabricated with an acrylic pad of minimal thickness over the posteriors.  Debonding loops are optional as well as varying the thickness of the acrylic pad to open the bite
Haas Expander


The Haas acts on both the tissue & tooth.  Typically fabricated with bands on first molar & lingual bar extending to first bicuspid.  May also be fabricated in four-band version or further stabilized by adding occlusal rests.

Mandibular Expander


This all metal hygienic appliance uses a micro 12mm single arm screw.   This screw may also be used in Maxillary Hyrax expanders

Screw Types:

We use only the highest quality screws that have been proven to be trouble free.  You may choose any type listed here or tell us your brand of choice.

These screws are suitable for either the banded hyrax or bonded designs. Mandibular expanders require the use of either the Mini Palex or Mini Palex Click.  The Haas expander utilizes an embedded screw, please see Haas details page for appropriate options.
Standard Screw

RPE Screw
The four arm expansion screw provides stable & efficient expansion of the Maxilla. This is the screw we make our expanders with unless you request something specific.
 Mini Palex Screw
Mini palex expander
This comfortable small bodied screw provides up to 12mm of expansion and is perfect for smaller palates and patients with strong gag reflexes
Click Screw

click orthodontic expansion screw
click expansion screw
The click expansion screw is available in Standard 4 arm & Mini Palex 2 arm design & incorporates a spring on each side of the jackscrew that seats into a groove cut into the jackscrew.  This "click" can be heard & felt by the patient due to the tension on the screw during activation.  This design of this mechanism is superior to the delicate ratcheting mechanisms of similar screws as it is not prone to damage & allows for intentional backing up of the screw & does not require special or modified expansion keys
Memory Screw

Memory Screw
The Memory Screw has internal open coil springs that compress upon activation & then gently & consistently apply their stored energy to provide continuous expansion.  This adaptation allows for multiple turns at each activation & greater patient comfort while providing faster expansion
VECS Screw

VECS Palate Expander
Variable expansion screw utilizes a rotating hex key that can be turned any desired amount eliminating the 1/4 turn per activation needs of traditional screws
Super Screw

Super Screw

Uses a wrench instead of typical pin, features a built in expansion gauge & optional locking nut.

Fan Expander

Fan expander screw

Expands anterior with minimal posterior involvement using a fan shaped 9mm screw.  Excellent for use in cases of cleft palate. © 2006 HomeAppliancesColors & EffectsPoliciesForms DeliveryContact

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