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Used to stabilize dentition, retainers are the most commonly fabricated appliance in the orthodontic laboratory.  At Fox Valley Ortho Lab we offer a plethora of retainer options that can be tailored to your needs and preferences.

We maintain detailed records of your retainer design preferences.  Once you establish your standard design preferences with our representatives there is no need to give detailed instructions with each prescription.

Fox Valley Orthodontic Laboratory can fabricate virtually any combination of components into most retainers including clasps, springs, screws, loops, habit breakers & acrylic features such as bite plates & occlusal coverage.  For ideas see our options page or call for a consultation and we will make recommendations based on your needs.



hawley retainer 


The standard Hawley is formed with an 0.030" cuspid to cuspid archwire that incorporates adjustment loops as it crosses the occlusion and is anchored into an acrylic plate.  The archwire is typically formed to an average arch shape relative to the patients anterior alignment.  Virtually any optional components may be incorporated into this appliance
Circumferential (Wraparound)

circumferential orthodontic retainer 


Similar to the Hawley design the Circumferential retainer uses an 0.032" wire that continues along the posterior teeth and forms a circumferential clasp around the first or second molar.  Stabilizing wires may be incorporated into the design to support the archwire.  This appliance is preferred when there is limited interproximal-occlusal space or minor spaces that need to be closed.  It is also used in extraction cases to prevent wire from passing through the extraction site.
Soldered Circumferential


The Circumferential retainer may also be soldered to Adams or C-Clasps for greater stability and retention.


Astics orthodontic retainer 


The Astics retainer uses an esthetically clear archwire, this clear archwire is non-yellowing and extremely durable.  This retainer may be formed as a circumferential or soldered circumferential design.  With adjustment loops in the posterior segments the labial bow of this appliance may be adjusted through the loops only.

Ricketts labial bow 


The Ricketts uses an 0.028" wire that is formed Cuspid to Cuspid then doubled back to pass over the occlusion between the lateral incisors and cuspids where there is also an adjustment loop.  The Ricketts can be used if interocclusal space distal to the cuspid is limited or if greater anterior retention is needed.  It may also be used in first bicuspid extraction cases to avoid wire from passing through the extraction site. 

Fixed Lingual Retainer

3-3 lingual retainer


Fixed lingual retainers are formed with a 0.025" wire contoured to the linguals of the teeth.  This "Permanent" retainer has mesh pads on the cuspids and is delivered to your practice with an easily removable matrix for easy insertion.  This may be fabricated for either arch in any tooth to tooth length and with multiple mesh pad locations.  If prescribing maxillary fixed retainers please include lower model and bite registration so we may check occlusion for incisal interference.  

Thermoformed Retainers:

At Fox Valley Ortho Lab we use Biostar positive pressure thermoforming equipment for superior adaptation and clarity.  This method is superior to vacuum forming because it heats the tissue side of the material and uses up to 90 psi of positive pressure to accurately form the material over the model, where as the cheaper & more common vacuum machine heats the wrong side of the material and only uses 15 psi of vacuum to form the appliance.

InvisibleInvisible essix retainer


A long lasting 1.0mm thick (other thicknesses are available) aesthetically clear sheet is formed over the full arch.  This appliance may be used for minor tooth corrections of up to 1mm of movement on up to two teeth per arch is possible, though multiple appliances can be used to correct more dramatic irregularities.  Pontic teeth may also be incorporated into this appliance.

Optionally a cuspid to cuspid version of the Invisible retainer will allow posterior teeth to settle into their centric relations.



The Osamu is a full arch combination hard soft appliance.  A 1.5mm flexible EVA material lines the lingual and facial tooth contours and alveolar mucosa.  This is covered with 1.0mm polycarbonate.  The dual layer provides for easier insertion and removal as well as greater comfort and durability.  It also allows for greater tooth movement if desired, up to 1.5mm of movement per tooth on up to four teeth per arch.

Theroux Phase One


Used as an alternative to Hawley retainers on mixed dentition cases the Theroux phase one overcomes many of the fit problems associated with Hawley retainers when used in mixed dentition cases.  Such as difficulty in clasping the short clinical crown with very little undercuts or clasping primary molars that will soon exfoliate, also interference of the Hawley labial bow during eruption of the canines.
The Theroux Phase One is rigid enough to maintain palatal expansion and durable enough to last several years.  The reinforced 2mm thick palatal area can be trimmed to allow for eruption while the incisors and first permanent molars are covered in 1.0mm thermoformed acrylic sheet. © 2006 HomeAppliancesColors & EffectsPoliciesForms DeliveryContact

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