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Bi-Lateral Expansion Screw


This embeddable Expansion screw delivers bi-lateral expansion & is available in several sizes

  • Maxi = 11mm expansion
  • Medium = 8.5mm expansion
  • Macro = 6.5mm expansion
  • Micro = 4mm expansion


Uni-Lateral Expansion Screw

uni-lateral expansion screwangled
The unilateral Expansion screw is available in straight or angled sectional
  • Medium = 5mm expansion
  • Micro = 3mm expansion
Molar Mover

molar mover
Single arm screw provides up to 3mm expansion and is small enough to move single teeth.
Retraction Screw

retraction screw
Use this screw to close spaces of up to 3mm
Bertoni 3 Sectional Screw

bertoni 3 sectional
Each section of this screw is independently activated & can provide 5.5mm of anterior expansion and a total of 7mm transverse expansion
Fan Type Expansion Screw

fan type
Provides 8mm anterior expansion while preserving molar width
Anterior Bow Screw

anterior bow
8mm fan type expansion for mandibular appliances.
Piston Spring Screw

piston spring scre
Designed for precise tooth movement.  This device uses a screw with a spring loaded head that provides 0.25mm thrust.  Available in an 4, 6 or 8mm interchangeable screw. © 2006 HomeAppliancesColors & EffectsPoliciesForms DeliveryContact

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