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Splints & Bite Planes:


Flat Occlusal Plane Splint (Nightguard)

Full contact splint 


Fabricated over the maxillary or mandibular arch with flat occlusal surface for even contact with the opposing arch.  Ball clasps may be added to provide additional retention.

gelb splint 


Mandibular repositioning splint uses posterior occlusal pads connected by a heavy lingual bar and has ball clasps for retention.  The occlusal acrylic maintains indexing of maxillary cusps to maintain bite position.


Overlay Splint


Hard Thermoformed splint formed with either polycarbonate or as a dual laminate with soft EVA material contacting the teeth and the hard side contacting the opposing arch.
Fixed Anterior Bite Plane



A lingual arch is soldered to the first molar bands which anchors an acrylic bite plate from cuspid to cuspid.  The plate may be fabricated flat to hold the lower incisors and allow passive eruption of the posterior or inclined to guide the mandible into an ideal position.



Similar to the Fixed Anterior Bite Plane but with helical loops in the bicuspid region.
Removeable Bite Plane


We can fabricate any of the bite plates (flat or inclined anterior, posterior or full arch) into a removable design with your choice of clasp.  They can also be incorporated into another removable appliance such as a Hawley retainer.



Protective Mouthguards can be made in any thickness from 1mm up, in clear or your choice of colors (1mm available in clear only).  Choose options such as helmet straps, laminates, anterior reinforcements, occlusal indexing, dual arches or fit the guard over appliances and brackets

Bleaching Trays


Formed on maxillary and mandibular arches with die relief on labial surfaces of the teeth (usually 2nd bicuspid to 2nd Bicuspid) to allow space for the bleaching agent during wear.  We typically form our trays from 1mm hard polycarbonate trimmed just above the gingival margin.  But optionally you may choose a soft mouthguard material or dual laminate for greater patient comfort and increased leak protection.  We can also trim in a scalloped fashion for patients with sensitive gums. © 2006 HomeAppliancesColors & EffectsPoliciesForms DeliveryContact

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