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Spring Aligners


To correct minor crowding, rotation and relapse.  Also excellent for passive retention, especially for patients where consistent compliance is an issue. 

Common Design Features:

All spring aligners are available for both arches.  Standard design is 3-3, although 4-4 is very common & often used when canine correction is desired.  Wraparound designs are also available with "Mushroom" & "Super Spring" designs.  Wire framework of springs is typically .028 standard lab wire but any size & temper wire may be requested.  Helical coils on adjustment loops are also available with any design, they offer greater flexibility and consistent light force when retracting. 

Fabrication & lab requirements:

Teeth to be aligned are cut from model & repositioned as a set-up.  The appliance is constructed on the set-up, duplication of original models or set-up is available by special request.  If we have been provided with an opposing arch we will hand articulate set-up to observe occlusion with the opposing arch.  More severe tooth corrections may require a 2 step process and/or combination clasping for greater retention.

3-3 Clip on (shown with  wire extensions)

3-3 clip-on ortho spring retainer with wire extensions

spring retainer lingual view
This is the most comfortable, but also the least retentive.  Used only for minor corrections.  Available plain or with wire or acrylic extensions.  Extensions increase retention and eliminate the risk of aspiration.
Modified Retainer

Modified spring aligner 

Labial bow and lingual spring elements are formed from a single piece of wire
Mushroom Retainer

mushroom spring retainer


Separate labial bow & lingual spring elements allow for excellent flexibility.  Exposed wire of lingual mushroom spring provides for adjustability.  Mandibular appliance has acrylic on posterior only for greater patient comfort
Modified Mushroom Retainer


Similar to the modified spring sligner but using seperate labial & lingual spring elements.
Super Spring Retainer

Mandibular super spring aligner 

Maxillary super spring aligner 

Very similar to mushroom design.  The addition of helical coils provides simultaneous labiolingual forces.  Helical coils produce light consistent  forces and provide for positive seating.  Exposed wire of coils provide greater adjustability, and superior flexibility. 
Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligner 


Invisible tray aligners are a favorite among patients seeking an aesthetic solution for minor to intermediate anterior tooth mal-alignments. 
Dual Layer Aligners


Another option for clear tray aligners uses a material that incorporates a soft elastic liner in the tray.  This soft liner increases comfort, shortens treatment time & allows for greater tooth movement with each tray. © 2006 HomeAppliancesColors & EffectsPoliciesForms DeliveryContact

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