FOX VALLEY  Orthodontic Laboratory

Policies and Terms


Please note that turnaround times are in lab times & do not include the time items are in transit.  Please record a due date on each prescription sheet at least one day prior to actual insertion date.

  • 3 days (in lab) for Hawley retainers.

  • 5 days (in lab) for most other appliances.

  • 10 days (in lab) for study models.

  • Rush orders are available at a nominal fee.

Free With Order

We are here to support you, & therefore include with appliances at no extra charge the following:

  • Removable appliances receive complimentary appliance case.

  • Removable appliances your choice of colors & custom effects.

  • All appliances with an expansion screw include a key.

  • Free bracket & band carving

Minimum Order

  • There is no minimum order.

Pick-up / Delivery Services

There is a per shipment handling fee of $12.95 charged on all shipments. This is a per shipment fee & not a per appliance fee, therefore multiple cases shipped in one box are only subject to a single $12.95 fee. Large boxes are available upon request.

We use a variety of delivery services, Including:

USPS - Send your packages to us postage paid from anywhere in the United States.          Click for label

Fedex - Click for map showing time in transit

Messenger Service - We use a local messenger service specializing in laboratory deliveries in the Chicagoland area.  Contact us to see if this is an option for you.


Detailed invoices are sent with each order, Balances are due upon receipt of monthly statements.


We will repair or replace any appliance at no charge for one year if failure is due to defective material or poor quality workmanship. Due to circumstances beyond our control, if damage is caused by patient abuse a repair or replacement charge may be added. Please submit damaged appliance & working model along with prescription sheet detailing problem & date of original order.


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