Covid 19 Status

As of May 4th, Governor DeSantis has issued guidelines to provide a path for reopening our state economically. We are hopeful and optimistic that our state and eventually the whole country will soon be able to reclaim some normalcy in the days and weeks to come. We pray that all of you are safe and continue to be so during this reopening process. As you know, we have remained operational throughout the pandemic due to the ability we have had to self isolate while maintaining production. Please feel free to send us your cases as you reopen & begin to see patients again. All cases will be completed & shipped to meet your due dates.

Please note that shipping times have become unreliable during this time & some shipments have been delayed by a day or two. We are attempting to circumvent this by shipping cases earlier, but this is not always possible.

We want to continue to stress the attention we have paid and will continue to pay toward hygienic laboratory practices. We follow strict receiving & shipping protocols to limit any possibility of spread. These protocols exceed Florida department of health guidelines and include:

Upon receipt of cases
– Incoming boxes are handled with gloves & put into dedicated receiving area under UV light for several hours.
– Boxes are then unpacked & cases disinfected While wearing disposable gloves, mask & gown.
– Cases are rinsed if there is any visible sign of blood or any other foreign material on the impression or model.
– Impressions are sprayed with Vital Oxide or Cavicide & placed in sealed ziplock bag where they remain wet with disinfectant until ready to be poured up. (disinfectant is effective with 10 minutes of exposure but usually remain wet in bag for several hours).
– Models are submerged in 1:10 bleach water solution for 10 minutes before being removed & placed in plastic bag, where they sit wet until being prepped for fabrication.
– After models & impressions are treated the cases are panned & move on to be checked in & can move into the rest of lab as needed.
– The receiving area (counter, back splash & sink) is then cleaned by spray & wipe with disinfecting solution, then sprayed again to wet entire area & left to dry on its own.
– Our receiving area is never used for anything other than the sanitary receipt of cases & is under constant UV light when we are here & power is on.

Outgoing cases procedure
– Cleaning procedure performed while wearing gloves & mask.
– Soak appliances in ultrasonic bath with soapy solution for approximately 30 minutes.
– Soak models in soapy solution, scrub, steam & rinse, set aside to dry.
– Individually scrub appliances with soapy solution, steam clean & inspect for cleanliness.
– Put cleaned appliances in Cavicide bath for at least 10 minutes.
– Test fit appliances on models, rinse & place in small ziplock baggie, seal & ship.
– Packaging area is then sprayed & wiped with disinfecting solution, then it is sprayed again with disinfecting solution & left to dry.

We want you to know that we are doing our part to keep you, your staff and customers safe. We have always done most of the steps in this receiving & shipping procedure with some new additions due to increased concerns of coronavirus. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Paul or Kari at the lab.

Thank you,
We hope to see you soon.