Habit Distractors

We regularly construct habit appliances to aid patients in breaking destructive habits through the discouragement and distraction therapy these type of appliances deliver.  Thumb and finger sucking or tongue thrusting habits often stop in a matter of a few days, but the appliance is worn for several months in order to create permanent changes in behavior.

Tongue / Universal Habit

Tongue universal habit

A vertical crib blocks the tongue from anterior dentition and can also act as a reminder for thumb and finger sucking habits.  Our standard design has no sharp edges, a rake or spikes may be incorporated if necessary.

Thumb Habit

thumb sucking habit breaker

There is no vertical component in this design, a wire dome covers the rugae area to serve as a reminder to discourage thumb and finger sucking.

Bluegrass Roller

Bluegrass Roller Habit breaking appliance

The Bluegrass uses a roller placed in the palate to counter condition oral habits and retrain the tongue into a new position or replace the desire to suck the thumb.

Incorporate habits into other appliances

Vertical tongue thrust habit fences may be made into a removable acrylic plate or incorporated into appliances such as hawley retainers that may assist in closing small spaces caused by the the destructive forces of the habit

hyrax with thumb sucking habit.

Habit breaking elements are frequently incorporated into many appliances such as expanders.