Options & add-ons

The sheer number of options in wirebending forms & component choices is mind numbing & enough material to fill many hundreds of catalog pages. Following are the options & accessories we use day in and day out in our lab. If you have preferences for a design not represented give us a call to spec it out. Many times people have treatment objectives that require an uncommon approach, please contact us with those special requests, we are happy to work with you on those projects.


Ball: Easy to adjust, comfortable and usually gives just the right amount of retention

Arrow: Similar to ball clasps but more retentive.

Adams: One of the more retentive clasps.

C: Also a very retentive clasp, good to use around edentolous spaces. However it is easy for some patients to snag & bend out of shape

Sage or Spike: Sage is with 2 prongs, Spike is just 1 prong. This clasp is delivered long & cut chairside to fit just into the lingual inter-proximal area gingival to tooth’s height of contour. Provides a good amount of retention without crossing over the occlusion.

Rest or Stop: Prevents supereruption of teeth or maintains proper positioning of appliance by preventing a lower appliance from settling too far gingivally. Can be bonded in the case of fixed appliances.


Z-Spring: One of the most common & useful springs. Rotate, Tip or advance a tooth easily in the retention phase.

Lollipop: Same as the z-spring in its versatility; just great for minor tooth movement.

Spur: This spring holds or applies mesial/distal force. It is also really useful for support following a diastema closure, or when ther is a need to adjust the tightness of a contact, or support a problem tooth.

Helical coils: Many springs can have helices added in order to create light continuous force for tooth movement purposes

Piston Spring: Designed for precise tooth movement.  This component device uses a screw with a NiTi spring loaded piston head that provides 0.25mm thrust.  Available in an 4, 6 or 8mm interchangeable screw. 


Straight Expansion screws: Comes in many sizes ranging from single tooth movers to 12mm transverse screws & larger.

NiTi Memory Screw: Expansion is driven by the NiTi spring coils inside the closed body housing. As the spindle is activated, it compresses coils which deliver a more comfortable painless “light continuous force” instead of the direct force of traditional screws

Fan: Expands mostly anterior with minimal posterior involvement using a fan shaped 9mm screw.

Bertoni: 3-way expander. The Bertoni screw is independently activated in 3 directions. Anterior is moved forward & each side is widened independently of each other. Wire framework is same as Schwarz, being cuspid to cuspid labial bow, Adams clasps on first molars & ball or arrow clasps at bicuspids or premolars.

Habit distractors

Add Fence or bluegrass habit eliminator element into other fixed or removable appliances.

Bands & attachments

We stock bands & crowns of all sizes with & without attachments. We also custom make bands from band stock and can weld most stock attachments as necessary.

Bite Planes

Anterior or Posterior bite planes can be incorporated into most appliances. These may be flat or with guidance ramps.

Pontic teeth

High quality temporary plastic teeth, our premium esthetics plastic teeth are multilayered & natural looking.

Acrylic Block

We use acrylic blocks frequently in posterior segments of removable appliances. Used for space maintenance purposes or esthetics, the block is a stronger alternative to pontics in less visible areas.

Reset teeth

We cut teeth out of the model & reposition them into ideal position, so the appliance will act to guide them into the new position

Labial Bows

Acrylic: This is an acrylic covering over the standard wire labial bow. The acrylic contacts the curvature of the teeth intimately, which either retains them securely without risk of shifting or moves them into the set-up position if the teeth had been reset prior to forming the acrylic.

Flat: the wire is flattened in the area between the adjustment loops. This puts a flat surface against the tooth for better surface contact, stability and control.

QCM: Aesthetically clear flat labial bow that is thermoformed to the teeth for an almost invisible hawley type retainer or spring aligner.